Rooms are spacious with contemporary furnishings in soft and warm tones. Images of local landmarks grace the walls and remind us of the essence of where we are. All the modern amenities are taken into consideration to make your stay a pleasant experience.

In-room amenities include air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bathroom with shower, water heater, toiletries, flat screen TV and cable.

The Casitas in the garden area accommodate our 12 rooms. To celebrate Montecristi, each one is named after the sites, local landmarks, flora and fauna that surround us.

El Reloj

El reloj de Montecristi is an emblem of the city and a reminder of the economic prosperity experienced during the last quarter of the 19th century.

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El Chivo

The goat is an icon of the northwestern region, where it is very popular and one of the highlights of its culinary traditions.

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El Yaque

The Yaque del Norte is the longest river in the Dominican Republic.

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Los Caños

This natural waterway meanders from the city of Montecristi, trough El Morro National Park, and on to the Atlantic Ocean.

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La Granja

When Christopher Columbus drew the first known map of the area, he named this cove La Grange.

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La Pipa

During the colonization period, galleons filled with treasures and merchant goods crisscrossed the route north of Montecristi.

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The mangrove forests in Montecristi are among the largest in the Dominican Republic. Their extension is equivalent to 40% of the total mangrove coverage in the country.

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El Morro

El Morro de Montecristi is a natural landmark that rises like a guardian of the ancient city founded by Nicolás de Ovando and baptized San Fernando de Montecristi in honor of King Ferdinand II of Aragon.

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The picturesque yellow butterfly that abounds in the region is a lovely specimen that welcomes you to Montecristi.

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Montecristi is the largest producer of sea salt in the Dominican Republic.

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Siete Hermanos

Cayos Siete Hermanos is a scientific reserve located a few miles northwest off the coast of Montecristi.

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The coral reefs of Montecristi are recognized as the most extensive, diversified and well preserved in the country.

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