A location off the beaten path, Montecristi is in the northwest of the Dominican Republic. The province hosts treasured natural resources, beautiful beaches, and a rich history. Well known for its organic banana plantations, the low rainfall and soft and steady winds make it a privileged location for outdoor activities, watersports and excursions.

Explore these beautiful surroundings and tranquil environment full of warm hospitality.


As you approach Montecristi the vegetation starts to change from tropical flamboyant to dry and scarce. El Morro rises majestically in front of the beautiful coast and guards the bounty of natural resources lying at its feet. This enchanting spot, full of local flavor and magical charm warmly awaits the visitor seeking adventure or looking to escape and unwind. 

Enjoy a privileged tropical scenario of beautiful secluded beaches and a wide range of sports and activities that will seduce you to stay off the beaten path.

Nearby Attractions

  •   Cayos Siete Hermanos
  •   Villa Elisa Scientific Reserve
  •   Underwater National Park
  •   The Clock of Montecristi
  •   Salt Production Interpretation Center



Soft and steady northerly winds and low rainfall provide an excellent location for watersports. Dive in search of lost treasures in the bowels of hundreds of shipwrecks dating back to the 16th century, or explore the most extensive and well-preserved coral reefs in the country.

  •   Deep-sea fishing
  •   Windsurfing
  •   Paddle Boarding
  •   Kayaking

  •   Kite surfing
  •   Snorkeling
  •   Diving


With national parks, wild life sanctuaries and scientific reserves, Montecristi has one of the most diverse systems of protected areas in the country. From bird watching to trekking, enter into direct contact with nature as you venture out for your favorite activity.

  •   Photographic Tourism
  •   Trekking
  •   Banana Plantation tours
  •   Cayo Siete Hermanos
  •   Wildlife

  •   Bird Watching
  •   Villa Elisa Scientific Reserve
  •   El Morro National Park
  •   Mangrove Route


Mountain biking, rides through the enchanting waterways of the mangrove forests, cays and islets are some of the many activities to be enjoyed, accompanied, if preferred, with a healthy dose of adrenaline. Adventure seekers can spend the day at play and then rest comfortably in the hotel.

  •   Mountain Bike
  •   Cayo Arena
  •   Four-wheel Ride Excursions
  •   Boat Rides

  •   Cayo Siete Hermanos Day Trips
  •   El Morro National Park

Nearby Beaches

There are a number of beaches within short distance from the hotel.
Off the beaten path, each has its own very special appeal.

Playa El Morro | Playa Buen Hombre | Isla Cabra | Playa de Juan Bolaños | Playa Parolí | Cayo Arena

Fly In

Osvaldo Virgil Airport is a private aviation destination like no other. Its proximity to the United States, the Bahamas, and the network of local airports make it an ideal destination for Fly Ins looking for journeys off the beaten path. The airport is located just 10 minutes away from town, and 20 minutes from the hotel.

History and Traditions

When Christopher Columbus explored the region during one of his first trips to America, he described its beauty and the abundant resources to be explored. Originally a sparsely populated town, there were two consecutive resettlements of immigrants from the Canary Islands and fluctuating periods of instability and growth. By the late 1800s it had developed a very dynamic economy based on the export of wood and agricultural products. It is also home to prominent patriots who played decisive roles in the struggles for freedom, democracy and independence.

Take a stroll through town and experience a sense of place that still remains, reminding us of a bygone era. Its architectural legacy is indicative of the different historical periods, with private homes and public sites that have withstood the test of time. Montecristi also has a beautiful carnival tradition, very singular and extraordinarily symbolic. Magic-religious symbols of purification, value, bravado and relations give a unique identity to this carnival.

Historic Architectural Route | Reloj de Montecristi | Iglesia de San Fernando de Montecristi | Casa Museo Máximo Gómez